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3-K Complete

$25.00 $23.75

Helps maintain bone mineral density and supports healthy blood vessels


$32.00 $30.40

Enhances sleep and helps manage stress


$67.60 $64.22

The 7-Keto™ metabolite of DHEA is a natural, non-steroidal molecule that is produced in the body from DHEA. This metabolite is chemically different from DHEA and cannot convert back into DHEA in the body. Studies indicate that 7-Keto may be useful in promoting weight loss without the use of stimulants while following an exercise program and healthful diet.


$22.50 $21.37

This formula is administered for:

  • acute and chronic gastric symptoms
  • acid reflux
  • heartburn
  • indigestion, colic (including infants)
  • lack of appetite
  • flatulence
  • post nasal drip

Adrenal Cortex Extract

$35.00 $33.25
  • Adrenal health support



  • Improves Stress Resilience
  • Supports Healthy Energy Levels
  • Strengthens the Body’s Stress Response
  • Improves Mental and Physical Performance
  • Supports Healthy Cortisol Levels


  • Provides Fat-Soluble and Water-Soluble Antioxidant Activity
  • Coenzyme for Whole-Body Glucose Utilization
  • Supports Healthy Intracellular Glutathione Levels
  • Supports Regeneration of Vitamins C and E
  • Helps Maintain a Balance Between Oxidized and Reduced CoQ10

Algae Omega

$27.95 $26.55

Plant based EPA & DHA
Healthy heart
Brain health
Immune support



$40.00 $38.00

Researched blend of botanicals and 400 mg of L-theanine shown to induce calming brain waves and naturally improve sleep during times of stress.

Alpha GPC

$34.00 $32.30

Alpha-GPC contributes directly to improved mental focus and cognitive performance.

Alpha-GPC affects the neurotransmitter systems that can offset the development of age-related memory dysfunction (ARMD).

Amino Complex Berry

$39.99 $37.99

Promotes lean muscle mass and strength, and enhances energy production.
Amino Complex is a comprehensive blend of essential amino acids. It is best taken after a workout to help trigger the recovery process.

NSF Certified for Sport®