HippEvo was born out of sense of service and commitment to bring integrative medicine options to a broader audience. We partner with and work to assist integrative practitioners around the country. Our educational outreach provides a platform for clinicians to have a voice and discuss the future of health care in America.

After spending 20 years in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Huber discovered the tremendous benefit that could be offered through more natural therapies. He became a professor and a national speaker for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Academy Medicine as well as a professor and speaker for George Washington Universities Metabolic Medicine Institute. He educates pharmacy students at the University of Cincinnati college of pharmacy, medical students at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and hosts physicians from around the country in his office. His mission is to bring scientifically based natural health care to the masses in a safe and validated environment where science drives outcomes.

Every product on this site has been hand selected by Dr. Huber for its purity, its pharmacologic standard and its biologic effect. Every product has been trialed on thousands of patients to ensure that the desired effect is reproducible and when directed by a properly educated practitioner, drives a predictable and safe result.

There is no computer system that can be applied to the enormous variety of human physiological variants and reliably produce results. But when good clinical guidance is offered using clean, validated products then amazing results emerge. Welcome to HippEvo – Hippocrates Evolution – where solid science meets intelligent application to generate unimaginable results.

Are you in a safe place? Well Dr. Huber has been awarded the “Best In Medicine” award from the American Health Council in 2017. Awarded for his contributions to the advancement of integrative medical care and active education role. He received the “Leadership Award” by Venue magazine for his work in integrative medicine. He has been published multiple times in medical journals for his work in longevity medicine, hormone replacement therapy, cardiovascular health and sports medicine.

Your presence here at HippEvo represents your commitment to your own health and we honor that intent with our best efforts to provide the best products, validated by the research to provide the best results, at the best price. We want to partner with you for a successful outcome.