ZRT Blood Testing Services

Our relationship with ZRT, the nation’s largest and most reliable lab, allows you to engage significant discounts for cash-based lab options. Don’t pay more. Our clients often report that this cash-based option is actually cheaper than engaging the same lab through their insurance. Transparency is key. No hidden charges and no surprises. Premium service and a true bottom line price.

* LABs purchashed on the HippEvo Shop are non-refundable.

* Please allow 24-48 business hours for ZRT to receive your lab order.

* LABs take 14-21 days to process. Results will be available in your ZRT patient portal when they are complete.

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4-Point Cortisol – Saliva


A simple, convenient, and non-invasive home-collection kit to evaluate your cortisol hormone health.

Hormone Test Kit, Testosterone – Blood Spot

  • Assesses the hormone level of testosterone in the blood.

Hormone Test Kit, Testosterone – Saliva

  • This ZRT testosterone test kit is used to check the hormone level of testosterone through your saliva.

Hormone Trio Test Kit – Blood



  • A simple, convenient, and non-invasive home-collection kit to check your blood for 3 hormones.
  • Testosterone, progesterone and estradiol.

Hormone Trio Test Kit – Saliva

  • An easy at-home saliva hormone test kit will check the levels of 3 hormones.
  • Testosterone, progesterone, and estradiol.

Urine Metabolites Test Kit

  • An easy at-home collection test to assess steroid, hormone and metabolite levels.